Elevating Data Synchronization: Gluesync’s Enhanced CDC for Microsoft SQL Server in Version 1.5

Microsoft SQL Server CDC is now GA with Gluesync 1.5

Gluesync\’s latest version 1.5 brings a pivotal enhancement for Microsoft SQL Server users: the introduction of Change Data Capture (CDC), a significant shift from the previously used Change Tracking (CT) method.


Gluesync has consistently provided robust solutions for real-time data synchronization across various databases. While earlier versions relied on Change Tracking for Microsoft SQL Server, they faced limitations, especially in handling tables without primary keys.

The New Update – MS SQL Server CDC in Version 1.5

Version 1.5 marks a technological leap by incorporating CDC for Microsoft SQL Server. This feature is particularly adept at managing data synchronization tasks, even when tables lack primary keys.

Benefits of Using CDC with Microsoft SQL Server

  1. Detailed Data Capture: CDC offers an extensive history of data changes, capturing every insert, delete, and update in a comprehensive manner.
  2. Enhanced Data Integrity and Accuracy: It tracks detailed change histories, ensuring high data integrity and accuracy.
  3. Comprehensive Data Synchronization: CDC provides richer data sets for synchronization, capturing a full copy of the table along with metadata.
  4. Suitability for Complex Applications: With its detailed tracking, CDC is ideal for applications requiring in-depth data analysis, like auditing and historical data analysis.
  5. Versatility in Data Handling: CDC\’s ability to work with tables without primary keys makes it a more versatile and capable tool.

Implementing CDC in Gluesync 1.5

From Gluesync official documentation page: architecture example of MS SQL Server database using native CDC APIs to get real-time changes feed.

Details about implementing CDC in Gluesync 1.5 can be found inside the official Gluesync documentation, which offers comprehensive guidance on setting up CDC with Microsoft SQL Server. You can find detailed information there, including technical setup, configuration steps, and other essential guidelines. Documentation is available here at the following link: Gluesync 1.5 – Setting up CDC for Microsoft SQL Server​.

Real-world Applications

In the realm of complex data migration projects, Gluesync 1.5’s CDC capability shines by ensuring that every incremental change in the source Microsoft SQL Server database is accurately captured and replicated in the target system. This level of detail is crucial for maintaining data consistency during migrations, especially in dynamic environments where data changes frequently. Additionally, for real-time analytics, CDC’s comprehensive data capture enables more nuanced and up-to-date analysis, as every change in the database is immediately available for analytical processing, providing businesses with real-time insights that can drive informed decision-making.

Challenges and Solutions

Our CDC engine does not limit itself to just sourcing real-time data changes: we designed it also to outperform in bi-directional sync processes. You may already know that, unlike other data replication solutions, Gluesync provides a fully integrated high-performant bi-directional sync capability, and this new source connector also implements the same proving recursion loop barriers that are not so easy to achieve right out of the box. Another big achievement made by Gluesync\’s engineering team!

Gluesync 1.5\’s integration of CDC for Microsoft SQL Server represents a significant advancement in data synchronization technology. This update enhances flexibility and efficiency and opens new frontiers in data management and analysis for MS SQL Server users.

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