General Availability of PostgreSQL Database support for GlueSync

More support for GlueSync: announcing the GA of Postgres database support for MOLO17’s GlueSync cloud-native data replicator.

MOLO17 announces the General Availability (GA) of PostgreSQL database (also known as Postgres) support for GlueSync the cloud-native real-time RDBMS to NoSQL data replicator capable of two-ways sync between the two.

Already available for Oracle, MS SQL and SYBASE databases, the amazing opportunities, offered by GlueSync, for a smoothless and safe transition path to non-relational databases can now also be undertaken by owners of Postgres-based architectures, one of the most renown free and open-source relational database management system.

Thanks to this important milestone reached for GlueSync roadmap, MOLO17 confirms its vision on connecting the enterprise customers to the state of the art NoSQL data platforms.

PostgreSQL is an enterprise-class RDBMS used by some of the largest entities, both from the public and private sector. GlueSync captures data updates by means of ad-hoc optimized and automatically-maintained triggers, and interfaces via the tried and tested JDBC connector for high-throughput operation batches.

More and more enterprises will be now capable of avoiding all obstacles to their digital transformation, while cutting costs, increasing system uptime, and ensuring business continuity.

Use Case

GlueSync enables enterprises to connect two heterogeneous system, RDBMS and NoSQL databases, that are known to be profoundly different: an enterprise with GlueSync can start in minutes with uses cases that ranges from NoSQL-caching with lively updating and invalidating cache, to able to perform write-backs to the RDBMS without any effort, and enjoying the full potential of GlueSync: the full dataset real-time two-ways replication that can be setup in minutes.

What’s next

After Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase and now PostgreSQL in our lineup of compatible databases, we’re heading to native compatibility with DB2 (both z/OS and i series), MySQL and MariaDB. 

For more information read an introduction to GlueSync here and visit our GlueSync official website.

Why MOLO17

MOLO17 is the reference partner in Italy for Couchbase and has developed several projects using its technologies. Solutions using GlueSync for data streaming and replication have been used in sectors ranging from Healthcare with Zulu Medical, to Industry 4.0 with TwinForce as presented during Couchbase Connect 2021.  

Last, as a perfect proof of its expertise and long experience in NoSQL technologies, MOLO17 won last year’s Couchbase Community award in the Architect and Innovation category for being able to accelerate modernization initiatives and enable innovation for enterprise-critical applications. 

// About MOLO17

MOLO17 securely unlocks enterprise data potential with no downtime and no impact to business continuity. MOLO17 products and solutions offer the best of NoSQL database technologies to guarantee always-available consistent data and quality outcomes for mission-critical applications whether in the cloud, on premise and for all types of mobile device.

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