GlueSync + Aerospike compatibility

Early availability of Aerospike write compatibility for GlueSync

More support for GlueSync: Announcing the early availability of the Aerospike write support version of MOLO17’s cloud-native data replicator, GlueSync.

MOLO17 proudly announces the early availability of Aerospike NoSQL database in the compatible NoSQL databases lineup for GlueSync, our cloud-native real-time RDBMS to NoSQL data replicator. With the today\’s announcement we unveil the write compatibility with Aerospike multi-model, NoSQL data platform with version 1.3.5 of GlueSync.

GlueSync, the plug&play solution for on-prem or cloud infrastructure for data offloading, caching, analytics or mobile use cases allows you now to replicate data in real time from any RDBMS to Aerospike, the acclaimed NoSQL platform for globally distributed applications.

Already available for Oracle, MS SQL Server, SYBASE and many other SQL databases, the amazing opportunities, offered by GlueSync, for a smoothless and safe transition path to non-relational databases, can now also be extended to users and fans of Aerospike-based solutions.

With on-the-fly data modeling capabilities, throughput of millions of rows per minute and a setup that requires minutes, GlueSync is the ideal companion for your journey to NoSQL and with this important milestone confirms MOLO17’s vision on connecting enterprise customers to modern, faster and affordable database technologies.

Enterprises all around the world leverage Aerospike\’s real-time capabilities and shared-nothing, highly scalable architecture to handle all kinds of business data. GlueSync allows for easy transition among database engines and application layers, by synchronizing from traditional RDBMS to Aerospike key and bin/value data. Your journey to application modernization has never been this easy.

Use Case

GlueSync enables enterprises to connect two heterogeneous system, RDBMS and NoSQL databases, that are known to be profoundly different: an enterprise with GlueSync can start in minutes with uses cases that ranges from NoSQL-caching with lively updating and invalidating cache, to able to perform write-backs to the RDBMS without any effort, and enjoying the full potential of GlueSync: the full dataset real-time two-ways replication that can be setup in minutes.

What’s next

The next big step is to extend compatibility for our on-the-fly data modeling solution, currently available for MS SQL Server, to Oracle and Postgres and other relational databases. 

For more information read an introduction to GlueSync here and visit our GlueSync official website.

Why MOLO17

MOLO17 is the reference partner in Italy for NoSQL solutions and has developed several projects using such technologies. Solutions using GlueSync for data streaming and replication have been used in sectors ranging from Healthcare with Zulu Medical, to Industry 4.0 with its own product, Twinforce

// About MOLO17

MOLO17 securely unlocks enterprise data potential with no downtime and no impact to business continuity. MOLO17 products and solutions offer the best of NoSQL database technologies to guarantee always-available consistent data and quality outcomes for mission-critical applications whether in the cloud, on premise and for all types of mobile device.

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