GlueSync for DB2 LUW

GlueSync SQL to NoSQL for DB2 LUW

Core principles

GlueSync on DB2 LUW uses GDC (GlueSync Data Capture) feature to let the magic happen under the hood, more specifically GlueSync adopts an optimized triggers structure in order to catch events generated by operations that hit fields in your source DB2 LUW database.

Triggers on GDC are based on a per-transaction logic and only tracking changed rows IDs, storing data on a table called Action logs table where all changed row IDs are stored and their data type maintained unaltered.

This technique is also kwown as change tracking pattern. Which in the opposite of change data capture does not require a copy of all the data present in all the columns involved in a commit, this ensure performance gain and less footprint per each transaction on your source database since no data transformation or manipulation is being required by our design.

Architectural overview

Here in the following diagram is represented an architectural overview of the environment you are going to have after having deployed GlueSync.

a diagram illustrating the architectural overview of GlueSync for DB2 LUW


I have got DB2 on an i series system, is it supported? Since it might work on this version of DB2, the embedded version for i series has some small differences. We’re working on building a native CDC for the i series embedded DB2 system that will be available soon.

I have got DB2 running on z/OS (aka mainframe) is it supported? This specific version has not yet been tested. If you would like to consider helping us on testing in this system please reach out to us writing at

Having further questions? For more information regarding GlueSync please reach us via email by pressing here: Contact MOLO17.