The application is shipped as a Docker image.

$ docker login
$ mkdir config/        <--- your config.json here
$ docker run -v $PWD/config:/opt/app/config
the same steps should be followed per each GlueSync container image.

Pre-flight checks

To ensure a smooth experience in running GlueSync as a docker container, please walk through the following checklist to ensure your environment is ready.

  • The environment is able to host the GlueSync pod as per the recommended specification.

  • The environment is able to reach the Internet, with particular requirements for the MOLO17 container registry at and sub-paths, and the site for licensing check purposes.

  • You have received the Access Tokens to the MOLO17 container registry.

  • You have been able to successfully issue the docker login command with the provided Access Tokens.

  • The environment is able to reach both source and destination databases on the relevant ports/protocols.

  • You have prepared the sample config.json file with details about your configuration.


Make sure you have Docker up and running, than issue the following terminal commands:

$ docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/config:/opt/app/config

This command will run the container image and map the specified path-to-config to the container /opt/app/config path used internally by the container for accessing the configuration file.

It requires a Docker volume mapped to /opt/app/config which will contain the configuration file needed for the application customization. The configuration file should be named config.json. See the configuration chapter for more information.

Custom registry

Should you need to use a custom registry, e.g. because your environment cannot reach MOLO17’s container registry, please contact us to arrange a specific setup. You can use the provided Access Tokens to locally mirror the container, but the software will have to be able to contact to perform license key validation.