AutoCrib: a Gluesync success story

Autocrib selects MOLO17 Gluesync for their journey on real-time IoT data streaming

AutoCrib, a leader in industrial vending machines, embarked on a digital transformation journey to address the intricate inventory challenges faced by Fortune 500 companies. Their vision was clear: to enable real-time, reliable inventory management that would scale across their extensive fleet of vending machines.

Bridging Technology And Efficiency: AutoCrib's Integration Success With MOLO17 Gluesync

The challenge was to create a seamless bridge between the robust MS SQL Server and the agile NoSQL environment of Couchbase. This was not merely a technical hurdle; it was about ensuring uninterrupted operations and high accuracy in inventory management, crucial for the productivity of thousands of global customers.

The solution came in the form of MOLO17’s Gluesync, a platform that stood out after rigorous testing for its ability to offer bidirectional synchronization and support complex data structures. The integration meant over 2000 schemas with over 50 tables, each involved in numerous SQL JOINS, could now sync without a glitch, offering AutoCrib the transaction-proof robustness it sought.

"Gluesync saved us one year or more of developing our own integration between Couchbase and Microsoft SQL Server. The MOLO17 engineering team worked hand in hand with our development team to tailor the solution to fit our needs."
Paul Meza, Director Product Development and Support at Autocrib

Traformative results

The deployment of MOLO17 Gluesync catalyzed a remarkable transformation in AutoCrib’s operational capabilities, leading to significant advancements in their inventory management system:

  • Enhanced Productivity: The real-time data synchronization significantly reduced manual checks and data entry errors.
  • Scalability: With Gluesync, AutoCrib could effortlessly manage over 2000 schemas, a feat that echoed their growth ambitions.
  • User Experience: AutoCrib’s technical team could now offer a superior user experience with new data pipelines that are easily integrated and a lower server-side resource footprint.

"We needed a combination of requirements for our integration, and Gluesync was the only product that could meet them all."
Joseph Cordasco, Product Owner at AutoCrib

As AutoCrib continues to cater to the evolving needs of its customers, its partnership with MOLO17 Gluesync stands as a beacon of innovation, efficiency, and user-centric development in the industrial vending space.

About Gluesync

Gluesync is a real-time data replication suite that empowers user with ability to create real-time data pipelines connecting heterogeneous databases bi-directionally, ensuring transactions consistency and low latencies while on-the-fly transforming data for complex data modeling scenarios.

About MOLO17

MOLO17 is the software company behind Gluesync, laser-focused on real-time technologies such NoSQL databases and event streaming. HQ in Cupertino, CA and R&D center in Venice area, Italy


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