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AutoCrib bridges the gap between ERP data and IoT offline-first devices

Bi-directional sync from Microsoft SQL Server to Couchbase for Mobile IoT clients with transaction-proof offline cache

"Gluesync saved us one year or more of developing our own integration between Couchbase and Microsoft SQL Server. The MOLO17 engineering team worked hand in hand with our development team to tailor the solution to fit our needs."
Paul Meza
Director Product Development and Support at Autocrib

 Industrial vending machines leader AutoCrib was looking for a solution capable of replicating data from the company’s MS SQL Server-based vending machine software to IoT devices that are a key component of the vending machine fleet located on client premises. With the NoSQL database Couchbase and in MOLO17 Gluesync they found an ideal solution to their requirements.

The company

AutoCrib is renowned for its industrial vending machines, supplying tools and components to significantly reduce inventory expenses, enhance worker productivity, and streamline both the procurement and manufacturing processes.

Catering to prominent Fortune 500 companies, AutoCrib has installed over 20,000 industrial vending machines, known for their robust build, U.S. manufacturing, and customization options that effectively address a broad spectrum of  requirements.

Project goals

AutoCrib MS SQL Server-based applications, used by thousands of customers worldwide, needed to connect with IoT hardware embedded within vending machines for inventory management with offline capabilities.

AutoCrib set challenging goals for the project:
● Data had to be transaction-proof for inventory accuracy
● A single Gluesync instance needed to manage 2000+ schemas

Why was MOLO17 Gluesync chosen and what is the solution?

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