Zulu Emergency: Couchbase Mobile use case in the Emergency sector

How to manage a patient\’s vital data in real-time in emergency situations right in ambulance?

The answer is Zulu Emergency, the software that uses Couchbase Mobile technology, designed for secure, real-time communication between on the field ambulances and hospital emergency centers.

In these situations, data is essential to save patients\’ lives, allowing critical decisions to be monitored and providing complete and accurate information once they arrive at the hospital.
This was the theme of the MOLO17 session at Couchbase ConnectONLINE on October 18, 2020, starring Daniele Angeli, CEO & Founder.

When technology is at the service of healthcare and can do the difference between life and death.


Watch the video conference \”Couchbase: Zulu Emergency: A Couchbase Mobile Use Case in the Emergency Sector\”

Press Releases

  • Magazine 112 Emergencies – \”ZULU MEDICAL presents an innovative solution in out-of-hospital rescue\”.
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