It doesn’t have to be scary: bridging the divide between relational and NoSQL databases

Are you worried that you won\’t be able to bridge the gap between relational databases and NoSQL?
Don\’t worry, we saw during this webinar with Couchbase how easy the transition is, through a few magical steps. How? Thanks to GlueSync, the native connector of MOLO17. And the magic is done!

Topics covered: the transition from SQL to NoSQL databases

Relational databases were born in the mainframe era when structure was king and data proliferation was predictable. Today, an incredible amount of new data is generated every day from an increasing number of different sources. To free this data from the rigidity of RDBMSs, developers are being asked to integrate or migrate to NoSQL databases.

In this webinar, together with our partner Couchbase we looked at the best ways to overcome the barriers that divide relational and NoSQL databases. We explored key questions such as:

  • Using Kafka to connect? Ready to deal with its complexity? How to write to the target RDBMS?
  • Are you willing to import data using CSV files, temporarily putting your API under a maintenance curtain?
  • How to keep your legacy database and NoSQL database aligned in real-time to meet the needs of your microservices?

We presented GlueSync, the native connector of Couchbase and MOLO17, and saw how this solution enables two-way, real-time data streaming with Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database.

If you missed the online event and want to learn more, a recording is available below.

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