FVG Digital Report: also MOLO17 among the ICT companies in FVG

Unusual and innovative, so have been defined the strategic decisions for its business model that MOLO17 has adopted: the reasons for these choices can be grasped from the words of Daniele Angeli, founder and CEO, who spoke about them during the \”hybrid\” event of presentation of the report of the event \”FVG Digitale: le imprese ICT in FVG\” last 08/07/2021.

The presentation included numerous interventions and insights from specialists in the field. For the drafting of the report by the University of Udine and Trieste, various ICT companies in the region were analyzed and an interesting perspective emerged for the digital sector in Friuli Venezia Giulia: from the years before the pandemic crisis to today, the digital sector in Friuli Venezia Giulia is in full evolution and continues to reinvent itself.
Proof that even in periods full of unexpected events and surprises, digital offers continuity and solutions.
Investing in the future has never been so digital.

Software friendly approach and an innovative business model

It all started with a curiosity that has been with me since I was a child: I have always been fascinated to know what was behind the PC I was accessing, ever since my first computer. Behind it were the American giants of Silicon Valley, with their capillary business strategy and hyper-scalable companies, which offered and still offer beautiful, fascinating and above all usable products for any person who had access to a device, fixed then and mobile today. This fascination led me to study the business models of American companies and then allowed a magic to be created in the company. Magic that, by merging the serial methodical processes of the Anglo-Saxon world with the creativity and quality of Made in Italy, has allowed us to stand out in the market and be appreciated for the quality we offer but above all for the method we have chosen. This approach has allowed us to scale up in a short time, with a management team that has more than twenty years of experience and is able to offer our consultancy to external companies.
But that\’s not all: a person very dear to me and with whom I had the opportunity to share a work experience, perceived this \”magic\”, and said to us: \”Daniele, you at MOLO17 adopt a software friendly approach\”.

What does it mean to adopt a software friendly approach? 

With Italian creativity we have built software that we put into the system and sell to technology producers around the world, especially American giants. So software that helps them do business and therefore allows us to be present in the world through international distribution channels.

And if the COVID19 emergency has brought changes in the action strategies of companies in the region, MOLO17 has also decided to adopt different strategies and to set out on paths not yet taken.

We had to make choices: from deciding to take a different location, to immediately starting working remotely, to having to give up the classic phone call for a new business opportunity, which we were used to. The world came to a standstill because of the pandemic, and so did the many customers who had – up to that point – offered us business development. We had to act fast. How? We planned a change of image, a change of internal strategy and above all a change of business strategy. We went out and found new opportunities outside, looking for market segments that we were not covering at all. Such as the world of telemedicine, which at that time needed technological solutions that were ready for digital medicine, agile and above all with a time-to-market that would allow it to respond quickly to pandemic emergencies. And so within four months we revolutionised ourselves with the aim of being ready for the summer. We wanted to generate new business opportunities and, again, reignite the engines of the machine to start with the acceleration we are experiencing today. For us, last year was a year of sowing and, now, the results that are coming in give us a glimpse of further growth.


If you liked Daniele Angeli\’s speech and you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact us by email at sales@molo17.com. We will be happy to develop your digital transformation idea together.

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