decide con i dati PMI webinar

Deciding with data, a new paradigm for SMEs

Data not accessible in mobility? During the webinar on 02/12/2020, with Couchbase Italia and Antonio Grasso, our experts told about one of the innovative solutions for industry 4.0, signed MOLO17, that could be right for you to:

  • make data mobile in the field
  • provide support for personnel management inside and outside companies
  • simplify the communication flow and data transmission for operators

Using real-time production data helps SMEs make the right decisions. Human perception alone is not enough to identify phenomena in businesses and is often misleading. Evaluating phenomena with the help of data often proves to be more efficient as a cold and rational evaluation; business decisions not influenced by human perception, often prove to be successful compared to the sensory approach.

Today, SMEs can easily access a set of tools that allow them to use real-time data to fuel the right decisions in the enterprise and move toward new business models consistent with Industry 4.0 principles.

Video webinar (only italian version)

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