Californian business model with an Italian heart: MOLO17 at EconoMyFVG – TeleFriuli

For ten years on the ground and always looking to the horizon and the future: this is the story of how MOLO17, in recent years, has set sail towards unexplored market destinations, looking at the potential scenarios of the digital revolution.

We are now about 30 employees, with a history of almost ten years, which speaks of competence, experience and quality code.

With these words Daniele Angeli talks about MOLO17 in front of Telefriuli\’s cameras during EconomyFvg\’s broadcast on 15/07/2021, hosted by Daniele Micheluz.

In a region like Friuli Venezia Giulia, which is becoming increasingly digital, technology has a predominant role to play in order to access markets, including foreign ones, and face the challenges of the future. During the broadcast was often mentioned the report on \”FVG Digitale: le imprese ICT in Friuli Venezia-Giulia\” by Ditedi, which also involved MOLO17 and its founder. The TV event was also attended by Francesco Contin, Project Manager of DITEDI Cluster, Prof. Maria Chiarvesio from the University of Udine, as well as editor of the report, and other ICT companies.

During the speech, Daniele Angeli talked about MOLO17\’s business model adopted in this particular period to compete and emerge in the digital market.
In these years of digital revolution, in fact, business strategy plays a major role and has to keep up with new technologies: from blockchain systems to the surge of IoT solutions, it is thanks to team working, resilience and valuable technological partnerships that one can compete in a fast growing sector like this and achieve results in the immediate future.

MOLO17 at EconomyFVG

MOLO17 is a company that develops tailor-made software: we identify ourselves as skilled tailors who tailor our customers\’ ideas to perfection with an almost ten-year history.

Californian business model but rich in Italian creativity

Our working method was inspired by Silicon Valley, where scalable start-ups with a very efficient software development process are born. We have fused this with the Italian spirit that sets us apart: attention to detail, quality and creativity.

Offering quality software through an innovative method software di qualità attraverso un metodo innovativo

That\’s how we came up with a way of working that allows us to serve customers across all markets, helping them to compete […] in an international market: so we bring software solutions and the ambition to export the work across borders.

MOLO17\’s offer is aimed at and adapted to different market sectors: from banking to social and health services, from mobility to logistics.

The importance of teamwork and strategic partnerships 

Partnerships with other companies are essential in order to be contaminated and thus be able to have a different and complementary offering with the existing one. […]. The encounter and dialogue with new realities can allow us to talk to customers on the other side of the world. Together we can create a new, different market and offer greater added value for the end customer who chooses us.

Expertise and healthy ambition

We also hunt for talent outside the region. We, for example, have embraced remote working to a great extent for many years now, precisely to try to make use of the best Italian skills. And then abroad offers opportunities to be seized. So, yes, by overcoming the language barrier – which for many can often be a hindrance – you can also collaborate with colleagues in other regions of the world, rather than in other time zones. And that is also a good challenge!

MOLO17, as Daniele tells us, has experienced first-hand the complementary partnerships and relationships.

We must continue to invest in digitisation and process efficiency and look abroad as an opportunity for our channels. We are opening up an international market that neither we nor our partners thought possible before. And so, we are facilitating companies that are complementary to us to open up new markets, sectors and new opportunities that were previously unimaginable. If not impossible.


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