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Sharp corners, a black so deep that only the most daring explorers reach and a red so bright it pulses with energy.

This is our brand identity – so distinctive that it
leads rather than follows trends.

So don’t be afraid to dive into the unknown, to choose
challenge, to be different: we will be with you.

Today, geographic location is of relative importance, but we have certainly benefited from a dynamic and growing technological training environment. However, far more decisive to put us on the right track were the consolidation of a clear strategic vision and the conscious choice of a perspective that cannot and must not stop at a local or national horizon.
The vision of MOLO17, in fact, has always been to become an interlocutor for companies devoted to innovation and that are looking for a strategic partner to realize digital projects. We deliver software solutions with the characteristic of being designed with the utmost attention to the human component: software made by humans for humans that can bring a tangible benefit to the end user as it is designed around them and their needs.

An international vocation is the one that pushes us year after year to raise the bar of both business objectives but especially that of the quality of what we offer to our customers, a context then that goes beyond the boundaries of our territory, boundaries that we have broken since the beginning with the selection of personnel that is part of MOLO17 in order to find the best talents available today.

Full remote approach: we have been remote-working since 2016

For this reason, for the tools we use and for our working methodologies we are open and ready to welcome in the team talents all over Italy and beyond!

What happens next?

No worries! We have a simple and clear recruitment process when your profile matches our needs:

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  • We respond to your resume submission by inviting you to an informal interview.
  • After this cognitive interview, in the case of more technical roles (such as developers, architects, etc.), we will offer you a technical test and interview.
  • Finally, to confirm our interest and your talent, we will schedule a final interview where we will discuss the more practical aspects and prepare you for joining our team:
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