Success cases

Bringing IIoT telemetry & control to geographically distributed weighing platforms

Cooperativa Bilanciai Campogalliano

MOLO17 has designed the Cooperativa Bilanciai world-selling weighing systems to the Era of Industry 4.0 with a powerful and intuitive IoT Dashboard. This IoT Dashboard is accessible to all the resellers network and technicians from the web, where they can inspect metrics data, alarms and KPIs of the machines installed in remote locations.

The challenge

Allow Bilanciai’s electronic weighing terminals to collect all the sensor information from the numerous load cells within an IoT platform. The weighing terminals are connected to each of these cells using a plug-and-play solution, capable of connecting to the current ModBUS field protocol connection, without the need to rewrite the entire firmware stack inside each product then distributed around the world.

The solution

As expert developers of Edge technologies, we have provided the client with a solution that goes from the Edge to the Cloud. It is an easy-to-install Eurotech IoT gateway: it transfers data to a tailored IoT data collection platform, which uses Amazon AWS services to provide users with access to information stored in the time series database via a fully responsive Web dashboard.

Technicians and suppliers are now able to better follow, inspect and understand usage behaviors, so you can offer even better customer support.

This project uses technologies related to Enterprise Software Development, Data Mobilization
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