Success cases

User-friendly shopping voucher App for COVID-19 emergency (available for Italy only)

Friuli-Venezia Giulia Municipal Authority

Web application allowing to manage “paperless” shopping vouchers but… with the “wings” (ALI in italian) and QR Code, for municipalities, citizens and retailers.

In the context of the bad economic impact imposed by Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, the Italian Government authorized the activation of spending vouchers for the purchase of food and basic products in the framework of urgent food solidarity measures for citizens in need.

The Challenge

To develop in an extremely fast time (less than a month) a digital solution for the rapid, effective and secure management and delivery of Vouchers allocated by local authorities.

Vouchers for food and basic needs were and are reserved for residents of the municipality of reference who are in serious need to meet the most urgent and essential needs, with priority for those not already allocated public support.

Each household could have submitted only one application.

The local authorities allow the applicants to make the expenditure with simplicity and security at the affiliated shops and the shopkeepers to account for the movements and the receivable from the Municipality.

The Solution

A web app, viewable on any smartphone, that allows people to use and monitor spending vouchers in complete safety for health, in absolute respect of the law and privacy.Using the MOLO17 web application means avoiding the potential risk of contagion, without the physical exchange of paper vouchers. It is also an “ecological” proposition, because it reduces the use of paper to zero.SolidALI addresses the Municipal Offices in order to manage the allocation and monitoring of food and basic necessities spending vouchers, granted by the “Cura Italia” Law of 24/04/2020 of the Italian Government, which came into force on 30/04/2020 for needy citizens entitled.The web app is useful to the citizen in possession of the vouchers for the purchase of goods at the affiliated stores and helps the shopkeeper with convenience and speed to account for purchases with the vouchers.

This project uses technologies related to Enterprise Software Development
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