Success cases

Giving sense to IIoT data with insights and KPIs to support experts and end-user

Galdi Srl

Galdi Srl is one of the leading suppliers of automatic filling machines for packaging, bottling and filling of food products. They design and develop machines that are used all over the world. This international scenario has prompted Galdi to improve their customer service by offering a way to constantly monitor filling machines and provide daily performance and output alerts and reports via the portal.

The Challenge

Build an IoT platform capable of collecting, aggregating and calculating KPIs from all the data collected by the filling machines. This information will be able to allow users to understand, improve and know the performance of the machines over time.

Metrics must be presented profiled and targeted to different user profiles: from Galdi technicians to the end user of the filler. The goal? Minimize downtime and urgent interventions.

The Solution

A dashboard capable of showing both internal operators and end customers the efficiency and KPI of industrial machinery, profiled on the user. The solution allows the service desk to monitor and promptly know the malfunctions and alarms of machinery from all over the world, correlating all the data necessary to allow informed and immediate decisions, based on the specific parameters of the machinery and on the synthetic overview of trend data (MME/OEE). We integrated the system with the customer’s timeseries database, InfluxDB and Eurotech IoT gateways.

This project uses technologies related to Enterprise Software Development, Data Mobilization
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