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Multi-platform mobile app for local public transportation (available for Italy only)

ATAP Pordenone

Moving safely on public transportation during the pandemic?
Salisco is the multi-platform application for students and travelers to consult timetables, routes and define presences on local public service buses and coaches. The app allows to know in advance the amount of people on the vehicles, making the contribution of each traveling citizen fundamental in reaching solutions quickly, encouraging responsible behavior, in full respect of the users.

The challenge

The evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic and of the public safety and hygiene regulations imposed the development in a very short time of a mobile, simple and functional solution for the monitoring and management of travel flows of students and commuting workers on public transport in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.
MOLO17’s solution had to allow a rapid response to the public bodies involved as well as to the citizens while respecting a budget that would make it affordable for the client and the community.

The solution

MOLO17’s smart solution uses the SAFETY MOVENS platform. As presented already during the September 2020 press conference, Salisco adopts the technology platform created in collaboration with Henshin. The application minimizes inconveniences due to overcrowding on some lines by allowing travelers to report their presence on the bus well in advance.
The manager, consequently, knows the flow of people and can quickly intervene by finding alternative solutions in case of high demand.
Available on Google Play and Apple store, the app can be downloaded on any smartphone.

The Salisco app allows you to:

  • Create your account
  • Enter the route you want to use
  • Choose stop of departure and arrival
  • Select your preferred date and time
  • Confirm your presence upon receipt of the push notification (one day before the selected ride)
  • An archive with the last 30 notifications made will be available to the user
Salisco ATAP MOLO17
Salisco ATAP MOLO17
Salisco ATAP MOLO17
Salisco ATAP MOLO17
Salisco ATAP MOLO17
Salisco ATAP MOLO17
Salisco ATAP MOLO17
This project uses technologies related to Enterprise Software Development
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