Success cases

Mobile PoS app with visual recognition

Aton Srl

Mobile app for leading DIY chain stores integrated with the retail Point of Sales able to recognize the Items via computer vision and insert them inside the customer’s shopping cart.

The challenge

The need, for the customer, to be able to uniquely and immediately identify products through a mobile application integrated with an image recognition system. The system would then have to show alternatives to the user and share the information securely with the point of sale checkouts.

The Solution

MOLO17 has developed a solution that consists of a Mobile App for Zebra TC8300 handheld devices and an integration layer for the proprietary LINUX-based cash system.

The devices frame and photograph articles through the devices, allowing the image recognition system to identify and find the article in question or suggest variants for users to choose from. From the mobile workstation, this information then goes directly to the till and this allows to speed up the information avoiding errors and speeding up the time.

This project uses technologies related to Enterprise Software Development
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