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Rearchitecting mission-critical EMS platform for scale

ZULU Medical Srl

Zulu .E is a mobile app and a web platform designed to optimize Emergency Medical Services communication. With the collaboration of Zulu Medical Srl, which had developed an initial release not linked to the mobile world in 2014 in a Microsoft environment, the Zulu .E 2.0 solution has been completely re-engineered to work in an Android and cloud environment, providing it with new functions and opening it up to integration with critical external systems such as the software of the 118 emergency services.

This new version is a reliable tool for shared situational awareness, off-line data collection, workflow-based information management and real-time communication.

Zulu .E simplifies and increases the accuracy of emergency response by providing a common platform for secure communication, multi-organization collaboration, and real-time critical data management.

Installed in tablets equipping every emergency vehicle (ambulances, medical cars and helicopters), it allows Emergency operators in the field to record patient data, interventions performed and critical vital signs by pre-aligning the destination hospitals and keeping emergency services and dispatchers informed.

The Challenge

Enabling the best possible flow of communication between headquarters, EMS operators and hospital staff, providing accurate, detailed and real-time information.

  • integration with EMS vehicle on-board devices: monitors and ultrasound scanners
  • real-time display of all information (also in graphic mode) collected in the field for the EMS dispatcher and for all hospital functions
  • full functionality also offline (via Couchbase) for data collection

The Solution

Today’s real-life scenarios need modern approaches: integrating Couchbase mobile technology, MOLO17 has brought a new paradigm in Emergency Medical management, enabling real-time communication, data security and integrity in a highly paper-dependent and error-prone environment.

The result is, Zulu .E, a complete solution designed to optimize EMS communication.
It consists of a rugged tablet, a software (certified as a medical device) and a dedicated web portal for back-office.
Getac ZX70 rugged touchscreen tablet is conveniently placed on board of EMS vehicles, and is able to collect and transmit data in real-time to hospitals.

The software, installed on the tablet, is integrated with medical devices present onboard the vehicles, e.g. defibrillator monitors (and in the future ultrasound scanners and more). It gives the possibility to create a “mission” (which is the digital equivalent to a real life intervention report), in turn structured around the needs and requests of the customer, so as to be as user friendly as possible.

Transmitted “mission” data can be viewed in real time on a dedicated web portal, which displays its contents in a different way according to the permissions of the logged user.

Key features of Zulu .E 2.0 are:

  • management of EMS vehicle checklists and pharmaceutical timetables
  • improved scalability
  • integration with EMS operations center management software
  • smart suggestion of “mission” fields based on previously compiled ones
  • multilingual support
  • optimized for speed and responsiveness
  • modern user interface
  • full offline operativity


Also, the web portal will be able to generate statistical reports based on the present data and the tablet is going to be lighter and smaller.MOLO17’s open innovation approach targeted the digital transformation of all the emergency processes: introducing and developing innovative solutions that range from ultra-reliable Internet of Things, to streamlined UX design and real-time communication.

For operators in the field, Zulu .E allows you to:

  • register safely and easily by associating NFC wristbands to the tablet
  • manage in speed and without complications the missions entrusted to them
  • compile and monitor patients and all interventions in which they are involved
  • collect and transmit real-time data from medical devices
  • convenient access to manuals and procedures

For hospitals and operations centers, MOLO17 solution allows:

  • create and manage users and teams
  • define and monitor incoming and outgoing missions
  • view and record details of data from devices, evaluations, pathology indications and specific reports
This project uses technologies related to Data Mobilization, Neptune, Application Modernization
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