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Cloud-based Industrial IoT air quality monitoring platform for Smart Cities


Using our IoT air quality platform, SMA has leveraged the ability to enter the Smart City business. This is a suite of open APIs and a compact yet powerful Air Pollution Monitoring System that provides air quality indicators and metrics to public administrations and citizens, both via the web and with physical displays.

The Challenge

Monitor air pollution in public city parks, giving citizens the opportunity to know how the air quality is, measured in real time, thanks to a light indicator. This indicator is mounted in place and shows the KPI in 3 different colors: green, red and yellow. The government is able to access all sensor-specific information collected throughout the day at hourly time intervals.

The Solution

MOLO17 engineers and its partner Eurotech managed to overcome the challenge by providing a customized ReliaSENS, an IoT gateway created specifically to collect and analyze air quality parameters, electromagnetic fields and ionizing radiation, which connect to our IoT platform on Amazon AWS. Using remote commands, we were able to interact with an Ethernet relay board that controls the LED indicators mounted on the remote display.

Citizens are able to see what kind of air pollution is happening in the area, customers can integrate the collected air pollution metrics into their systems thanks to our Open API approach. Open API is a web UI that allows you to inspect metrics and export reports by filtering data from specific times in the past.

This project uses technologies related to Enterprise Software Development
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