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Cloud-based IIoT inverter setup and monitoring app


A mobile application that can guide users and technicians in the installation of inverters for electric motors and that allows to collect and manage in a useful and efficient way the data of the installed systems and to plan the predictive maintenance remotely.

The Challenge

To quickly develop a functional and accessible IoT solution for monitoring inverters for electric motors in industrial and civil installations. The solution has been designed to support the installation phases but also to remotely monitor in real-time the devices, collecting the until now inaccessible data of Electroil end customers with useful queries for B.I., sales, service and maintenance of the installed product.

The Solution

A mobile app for Android and a cloud platform with a web interface allow to guide the installation process and the initial setup checks but also to digitize the inverters’ master data (previously untracked), to locate them geographically and to connect them to the customers. Secondly, the solution facilitates maintenance and communication with customers by planning and tracking all maintenance operations.

The data is collected and made available to operators on-site and remotely thanks to a serverless architectural design based on Fauna and GraphQL to achieve information simultaneity and consistency with low infrastructure management costs and savings in the volume of data transmitted.

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This project uses technologies related to Enterprise Software Development, Data Mobilization
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