Neptune: the NoSQL Database service for Couchbase

Neptune is a NoSQL Database as a Service, fully managed and multi-tenant, able to offer NoSQL database hosting for Couchbase, in Enterprise edition and with guaranteed service SLAs.

It is a High Availability service fully managed by MOLO17: with Neptune you can enter the NoSQL world accompanied by certified and award-winning experts from Couchbase, use it as a disaster recovery service, in an active-active configuration (high availability) or move your operational loads here without having to worry about the governance of a NoSQL database and its underlying infrastructure and related maintenance.


Simplify your enterprise digitization process and reduce management efforts to zero by having our team manage the complexity of your new Cloud NoSQL system. The database-as-a-service solution allows you to focus on the development of your application or your business without worrying about the infrastructure, we take care of that.

Save time and resources by relying on highly reliable automated operations and MOLO17’s expertise.

  • agility
  • simplification
  • focus on what really matters for your business

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Unleash the power of Kubernetes

Neptune is based on the Kubernetes Fury distribution, an entirely open-source, cloud-agnostic stack supported directly by the vendor Sighup. Thanks to this stack we are able to bring Neptune for Couchbase also on-premises or on a Cloud dedicated to you.

The whole AWS Cloud thought by those who know Couchbase

2 are the regions now active on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, Frankfurt and Milan, both with GDPR compliance and encrypted hourly backups. Configured in high service availability in compliance with the most stringent service SLAs.

Security First

Neptune for Couchbase has been designed to offer service guarantees without compromising on security: on-top of the high security standards of the Amazon Web Service Cloud we have implemented specific measures for Couchbase, from backup encryption to the authentication management of Sync Gateway API, for example.

Couchbase Mobile: create mobile-offline applications using Couchbase Lite

If what you’re looking for is to create an application that can operate completely offline using Couchbase Mobile technology with Couchbase Lite, our team is able to follow you throughout the whole development cycle.

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Synchronize your SQL RDBMS Database with Couchbase

Caching, offloading, migrating, write-back or sync-back from RDBMS to NoSQL and/or vice versa? With GlueSync, the tool for continuous and bidirectional replication between RDBMS and Couchbase, you will be able to enable these use cases with a click.

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What is a Database-as-a-Service?

A database-as-a-service (DBaaS) is an extremely quick and easy way to create or have high-performance, highly available .

What are NoSQL Databases?

NoSQL (= Not only SQL) Databases are solutions designed to be flexible, scalable and capable of responding quickly to the needs of data management according to the logic of Industry 4.0 and, in
Industry 4.0 and, in perspective, 5.0; that is, always at hand, at all times and, above all, understandable to the operator who is using them.

Why choose DBaaS?

  • Allows you to manage your database from any location without any disruption with operation from home or on the road
  • Allows faster and more consistent updates with new features exemplifies the work of your developers
  • Allows immediate changes directly on the interface without having to buy new hardware to meet new projects or business requirements

Why choose a NoSQL database?

  • Allows you to scale easily and without exponential costs
  • Easily react to unpredictable traffic spikes with multi-dimensional scaling
  • Facilitates development for mobile and web applications with native JSON support