Nautilus Leverages technology investment
and Agile software development.

With Nautilus we can reduce uncertainty and work on tangible results, avoiding poor investments, unforeseen costs and misunderstandings about company objectives.
The approaches we adopt depend on the type of assessment to be made:


Business & Process Analysis or Assessment: analysis of the processes and business dynamics


Functionality Analysis or Assessment: delving into the functional requirements


UX/UI Design or Assessment: study of interfaces


Architectural & Technical Design or Assessment: architectural and technical design or assessment


Nautilus is a structured and guided process, with time set aside for planning, review and action.

Nautilus is:

  • an enabler to give substance to your idea thanks to the experience of MOLO17
  • a mitigation of the uncertainties of a technological investment
  • the definition of a realistic budget and of all the steps of intervention
  • an investigation of the context, extending beyond technical aspects, to ensure the validity of the project in terms of marketing, strategy, finance, assets
  • an opportunity to bring out new ideas or opportunities that were not initially evaluated