Data mobilization: integration of legacy systems

Set new goals – now you can achieve them all! We coined the term Data Mobilization to define our DNA: integration of legacy systems through modern solutions, to face any challenge and overcome it successfully. No infrastructure can stand in the way: web, mobile, edge or cloud are finally reachable.

With Data Mobilization, you can keep up with your customers’ needs and your most ambitious business goals. You can finally opt for a solution that connects your business apps to the mobile and edge worlds, interacting with any legacy systems without slowing down or disrupting current processes and without interfering with your existing infrastructure.

We’ve seen plenty…

Every time we were called to develop applications for mobile devices, the problems were always the same: SQL procedures, web services, authentication, authorization, XML, batch uploads, computing resources and virtually infinite space, all designed for client-server communication from the desktop world.

But you can’t apply the same rules to the edge world, whether it’s smartphones, tablets or embedded systems.

What is data mobilization

A gateway for legacy systems integration, mobile and web world, able to work in real-time and offline if there is no connection.

Use cases

  • Connect business apps to mobile (Cloud-to-edge continuum)
  • Hyper-scaling transactional systems and processes
  • Offloading: reduce TCO by reducing load on existing systems

Data mobilization benefits

  • Project complexity management
  • Reduction of total cost of ownership
  • Implementation time in line with industry standards
  • Limited impact on internal resources
  • Zero downtime from upgrades and maintenance

Unleash the power of data with data mobilization.

Our solutions act as a bridge between legacy and closed systems and the mobile and web-oriented world.

We’ve seen too many ambitious migration projects fail, with infinite time investment and out-of-control budgets, across all industries. That’s why we never propose a total switch-off of old systems. Instead, we want to enhance the value of your previous investments, gradually reducing their operational cost, with the new system coming alongside to relieve your resources.

Licenses, hardware, skills and budget can be dedicated elsewhere, while new users enjoy a seamless transition with no downtime. That’s the ROI we want to bring you.

Stay connected even when there’s no network.

Real-time feedback is a demanding but unavoidable challenge: today your customers expect this and, in all likelihood, it’s also what you aspire to internally. We have gone further: with the technologies we bring on board, the applications we design, you can count on real-time feedback even when the network connection is not present!
Our apps are ultra-responsive and eliminate the need to operate within conventional, inflexible transactional schemes. So there are no more annoying loadings and everything happens instantly, magically.

We develop apps and software that integrate with your business systems

Let’s make an analogy: getting inside an existing process and intervening without ever interrupting is like refueling an airplane while it’s in flight. MOLO17 has designed exclusive solutions that allow the connection to ongoing systems and processes, guaranteeing an event-based approach, not procedural or timed. The new system is created to meet your needs and can live a life of its own, but with the invaluable feature of always interacting with the pre-existing environment.

We take care of everything

We provide you with skills, solutions, project management and application hosting. You will have a unique contact person and a turnkey project. We offer you maximum transparency and all the tools to control activities: during the start-up phase, we quantify the effort required from your resources and the bi-weekly Project Status Reports are pre-programmed, so as to avoid any surprises during the project.

And who takes care of support and maintenance?

Atlantis is an exclusive service designed to offer support and continuous maintenance within the project workflow. The software is constantly monitored in order to return metrics and alerts which report the status and allow us to anticipate possible issues. The support team follows service SLAs which are agreed upon at contract level and the application maintenance team regularly carries out maintenance of the applications also on third party libraries.

Discover more about the Atlantis service and how you can preserve the value of your investment over time!