Application modernization and software refactoring

We offer a process for revitalizing business applications that are hindering business goals. MOLO17 modernizes your company’s applications by refactoring the software and, if necessary, the architecture. From initial consultation to implementation.

This goes well beyond software refactoring and takes into account issues such as loss of agility, unpredictable response times, degradation of user confidence in the system, time-consuming maintenance, downtime, and more… When it comes to software, the list of what can happen over time is never-ending.

Adapting to the new normal

Without software, the world we’re now used to would grind to a halt, and we can’t afford that: fortunately, system obsolescence is a measurable data point, and we can assist you along this journey.

What’s different about MOLO17 solutions?

Our solutions are based on objective and measurable criteria. We don’t just suggest paths; we embark on the journey of digital transformation together with you, with the right focus, from start to finish. We have the experience, the technical expertise, the technologies and the methodologies to go beyond mere software refactoring. We have the emotional intelligence and the right resources to manage your projects.

Objective Value

Mere “cost” is not an objective measure of worth. The true value of our contribution is how much we can relieve your organization of hidden costs and non-core activities. The cost of a production shutdown or the impact of a delivery delay is objective, but what does it really cost to not initiate change in your organization? How much does it cost to not make a decision due to lack of knowledge and staying in your comfort zone for too long?

Measurable Value

Each project conducted by MOLO17 has a scorecard with defined KPIs: system response time, number of users, system uptime, average resolution time of reports, number of defects per release, etc… Our customers have access to every measurable parameter of the project and the reporting is continuous. Your success is our success, and vice versa.

Pain points that lead to change
  • There is little or no project documentation
  • Knowledge about the project is no longer present in the company or is lacking
  • Competitors’ agility is eroding your market share
  • You struggle to introduce new functionality into the current codebase/architecturee
  • Users are abandoning your platform and/or feedback has a low rating
Do you think your project falls into one of these categories? Don’t miss the opportunity to fill out an assessment questionnaire together with one of our experts to get an immediate measure of the impact of your investment.

What we offer with Application Modernization

Operational flow analysis on applications/systems already in production
Application/system redesign based on the analysis
Full or partial Nautilus Enterprise system re-implementation