We build custom solutions
on-time and on-budget.

To start, our software development group works with you to understand your project requirements and build teams and processes to guarantee the highest level of quality.

We design forward-looking solutions that are consistent with business objectives and primed for longevity and durability.

We develop enterprise-class software with a passion for innovation: we deliver digital solutions to ensure that data is always available and at your fingertips, under any circumstance.
Our solutions are designed
for your success!
Data mobilization
A quick response to change is today's most important business challenge.

Companies are required to react faster than ever before, and even with efforts to accelerate the process, results can be disappointing if digital infrastructure and IT architecture are not able to perform.
To achieve a fully responsive business environment, companies may believe that the only way forward is to temporarily freeze their business processes while implementing new technology that adapts easily to changing needs. This is where MOLO17 comes into play.
Our unique approach allows us to intervene effectively even while the “engine” of the company is up and running. In short, we make changes without stopping or slowing down activities: we guarantee zero impact on the current infrastructure and 100% uptime. We offer solutions to handle change in a gradual manner, first by grafting a more agile and modern component into your existing process, and then by fully modernizing your applications.

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Application Modernization
We introduce digital transformation strategies to improve your company's existing applications, extending and expanding their use, with minimal organizational, productive and relational impact.

We analyze what’s in place, how it works. We take a snapshot of your situation that includes the innermost aspects.
The goal is to create a new application, managing the transition as smoothly as possible with a plan that allows you to move from the old to the new.
Throughout the process, we never leave you alone: technological modernization is a path to be experienced together, where soft and hard skills, key competencies, emotional intelligence and the needs of those working in the field are critical. We are not the usual consulting company that fills manuals with technobabble and interfaces with incomprehensible procedures: we create technology to enhance the human component.

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Enterprise software development
To develop enterprise software you need comprehensive domain knowledge, a lot of experience in the process and you need to offer extensive reactivity guarantees.

At MOLO17, we are using a proprietary proven process, able to guarantee absolute quality standards for applications addressing business and mission critical scenarios for the company. MOLO17 is renowned for its ability to develop a particular type of enterprise solution: Mobile applications that work off-line, all the time. We have earned a reputation with clients for launching some very ambitious projects using Mobile Offline Apps.

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Nautilus: consulting services for Digital Transformation and Innovation


Our Nautilus service offers a unique methodological path to develop custom solutions with strategic and operational support for digital transformation and innovation.
The objective is to collect, share and refine the information necessary for evaluation and then develop a digital project.



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Atlantis: Application Maintenance and Support Services


Atlantis is a MOLO17 service that offers support and maintenance for the digital solutions purchased by our customers after the expiration of the maintenance warranty period that follows the go-live. Atlantis also includes access to a set of services and tools to support our high service standards.



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