Who we are

Much more than a software company

The writer Jules Verne uses the motto “Mobilis in Mobili” in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
For us, this means to be an integral part of the liquidity of the digital technological evolution and therefore to aspire, like Captain Nemo, to be Mobile in a Mobile Element, seizing opportunities and adapting to the environment.

MOLO17 is Laser-focused on NoSQL technologies to create products and solutions that securely unlock enterprise data potential with no downtime and no impact to business continuity. MOLO17 has an USA HQ in Cupertino, CA and its EMEA HQ and R&D center near Venice, Italy.

In order to offer companies products and services with an innovative spirit, MOLO17 has embraced a working methodology that makes dynamism and agility the two cornerstones of our software company.

The guidelines and framework of MOLO17

Open Source
a philosophy in the choice of technologies and partners.


For MOLO17, Open Source means to be active participants in the ICT world, to be able to select the best products and the most complete tools, and to create something that others can find useful in the continuous evolution of solutions.

MOLO17 participates in the Open Source community not only using some of the best tools, but also by sharing projects that can be re-used by others, to close the cycle.

The guiding principles of our approach are:

  • Coding guidelines
  • Agile Delivery
  • Consultancy
  • UX/UI and Human Experience

a name, a number, an identity

“Molo”, means pier in Italian and MOLO17 derives from the famous “pier 17” of New York. The pier was built in record time during the early years of the twentieth century, by a group of Italians with stones coming by sea from the mountains of Italy.
This name reminds us of where we started and where we are headed: a small group of people who can overcome titanic challenges when working together and acting as a team, surviving the test of time to become a symbol of “made in Italy” recognized worldwide.

MOLO17 represents a symbolic safe harbor for those who venture into the ocean of digital transformation with its complexity and opportunities.
Moreover, 17 is the favorite prime number of Daniele Angeli, our Founder: it is his “magic number” and it could be yours too!


MOLO17 Inc.
20830 Stevens Creek Blvd #1056
Cupertino, CA 95014
United States

EMEA HQ and R&D Center

Viale Chiuso 13 – 33170 Pordenone (PN) ITALY
+39 0434 1573057
VAT IT01793690932

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