Announcing the availability of IBM AS/400 as a new source for MOLO17’s cloud-native data replicator, Gluesync.

MOLO17 announces today the availability of native CDC for IBM AS/400 systems (also known as i series, IBM i) as a newly compatible source in the database lineup for Gluesync, our cloud-native real-time RDBMS and NoSQL data replicator. With the today’s announcement we unveil this compatibility starting with version 1.4.25 of Gluesync.

Gluesync, the plug&play solution for on-prem or cloud infrastructure for data offloading, caching, analytics or mobile use cases allows you now to replicate data in real-time to and from any major RDBMS, NoSQL database as well as event streaming platforms now with DB2 AS400.

CDC under AS400 (IBM i series) as been achieved adopting the integration with the native IBM i series journal APIs, as you can get from the architecture schema provided here below.

From Gluesync official documentation page: architecture example of IBM AS400 database using native Journal APIs from IBM i series systems.
From Gluesync official documentation page: architecture example of IBM AS400 database using native Journal APIs from IBM i series systems.

With on-the-fly data modelling capabilities, throughput of millions of documents per minute and a setup that requires minutes, Gluesync is the ideal companion for your journey to NoSQL and with this newly added target confirms MOLO17’s vision on connecting enterprise customers to modern, faster and affordable database technologies.

Either if you need to replicate workloads from DB2 AS/400 (i series) or if you’re looking to migrate from it to a NoSQL database like Aerospike, Couchbase, DynamoDB, MongoDB or RavenDB (and even S3 or Google Cloud Storage!), with Gluesync has never been easier. For more info about how it works you can have a look at our product documentation here at this link.

You can also rely on Gluesync to stream data changes feed to your favourite data streaming platform: Kafka and Solace’s PubSub+ are fully compatible with Gluesync CDC engine. Take a look at this deep dive demonstration about Gluesync CDC from AS/400 to Solace PubSub+ to learn how it works.

Why MOLO17

MOLO17 is the reference partner for NoSQL solutions and has developed several projects using such technologies. Our mission is to ease the adoption of NoSQL databases with a safe & smooth towards it providing a comprehensive set of features out-of-the-box: real-time event-driven, no third-party tools dependency, high-availability and high-throughput approach.

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MOLO17 securely unlocks enterprise data potential with no downtime and no impact to business continuity. MOLO17 products and solutions offer the best of NoSQL database technologies to guarantee always-available consistent data and quality outcomes for mission-critical applications whether in the cloud, on premise and for all types of mobile device.

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