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Henshin: Mobile app for auto fleet management

“It is quite unique to find a partner that not only has great skills and experience, but also shares the strategic vision.[…] MOLO17’s mobile-first is crafted with rare excellence and represents for us an extraordinary final headline to provide to our customers. MOLO17’s strategic sharing in the network allows for a fast and dynamic approach to the market allowing us to adapt and scale very quickly based on individual market localizations.”


Domenico Mangiacapra
Founder & CEO at Henshin Group Ltd.


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Couchbase: Application for emergency medical personnel

“Applications and application architecture are definitely mission-critical when there are lives on the line. The critical element that can make the balance swing one way or the other: Data. MOLO17 kicked off their CB Connect Online presentation, by pointing out some of the challenges of emergency medical situations.”


Matt Cain
President and CEO Couchbase


Intesa San Paolo: Banking application

“Everything MOLO17 has delivered has always had an uncommon maturity of operation and operability, superior to other partners. For every release, the testing phase has been short and immediate. The team has always shown great speed to understand the requirement and develop it with agile solutions, modifiable without extreme changes to the architecture, which has been solidly built step by step.”


Marco Pastore
Head of Products and Services Development at Intesa Sanpaolo Smart Care


“MOLO17’s solution has brought innovation to our manufacturing processes, it has reduced the margin of error resulting from paper reports, it allows us to manage priorities in real-time and it allows each worker to see everything and only what they need exactly when they need to see it. The overall impact is evident, starting from the one on the environment thanks to the overall saving in the use of paper, but also and above all in the execution times, in the ease of learning the functions as well as in the possibility of finally smooth, dynamic and accurate communication between the different departments.”


Mirko Basso
Chief Operating Officer (HVAC Industry)


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ZuluMedical logo

The most exciting thing for us at Zulu was the ability to “disrupt” emergency communication. Thanks to MOLO17 we were able to make the dialogue between all EMS operators clean, secure and unambiguous.

Because improving communication means improving patient management and preventing the patient from remaining a “stranger” in the different phases of the emergency.


Riccardo Furlanetto
Chief Technical Officer (Digital Healthcare Industry)


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ASTEN.IT: Couchbase Mobile Application

“Couchbase was the most consistent choice for our application but we did not want to divert our team’s focus from their work on the details of Database management. We, therefore, decided to work with MOLO17 because it is the only one that allows us to have Couchbase’s technology in a managed and sustainable way. Thanks to NEPTUNE, we have saved time and costs in setting up and deploying the infrastructure, we directly access the benefits of Couchbase Mobile without any management burden: we know that everything is monitored and kept up-to-date by the MOLO17 team. Not only that, some decisions, which later turned out to be particularly successful, stem precisely from the interaction with the MOLO17 technical department, which is prepared, helpful and proactive. Overall, a great experience and a great technology partner, quick to respond to service needs and provide support.”

Paolo Repele
Senior Software Architect (Software & Web)

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“We are really grateful to have met MOLO17 during the development process of the Mobile Apps for our brands Terranova, Calliope and Rinascimento.
This is not only for their great technical skills and “mobile first” approach, but also for their ability to support our digital innovation by sharing methodologies and strategic vision, understanding, adapting and foreshadowing our multibrand and market needs, from e-commerce to loyalty system management.
Partnering with MOLO17 means choosing a supplier that is not only excellent and experienced, but also capable of integrating technological evolutions into the development of the business plan.”

Andrea Arcangeli
Digital Director, Gruppo Teddy SpA

Data Modernization

Data Modernization Experts


MOLO17 provides products and custom solutions that leverage the best of NoSQL database technology to achieve access to real-time data across your enterprise apps, on-premise or in the cloud, including IoT and Edge solutions for the very latest in web, mobile and device delivery.


Our data solutions are based around a resilient infrastructure that performs with no downtime at any scale. We listen to your mission-critical needs and use our expertise to provide uniform modern access points to accurate enterprise data, overcoming the limitations of legacy ETL processes.


Whether your data is in a single data lake or spread across multiple databases, with GlueSync and NoSQL, MOLO17 has got your back!

on-time data

Unleash the full potential of your data by moving it to a cost-efficient high-performance platform where real-time data access increases productivity and drives accurate decision-making. Use MOLO17’s GlueSync product to move data on demand to your preferred NoSQL database for digital transformation with no business interruption.



GlueSync RDBMS to NoSQL Data Replication Architecture diagram
Custom Data Modernization Solutions

Data Solutions for your Business Needs


We can modernize your data environment using the best from our NoSQL technology partners together with MOLO17 products and expertise in web and mobile solutions. Transform your data with a custom, real-time, scalable solution. We’ll guarantee a disruption-free experience and accurate on-time data wherever you need it.



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Our technology partners are among the best in the business! For fast, accurate NoSQL data access, we work with Aerospike, Couchbase and MongoDB. Our cloud solutions partners are Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

We are always looking for resellers and system integrators to join our expanding team!

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