Installation steps

Gluesync SQL to NoSQL for Oracle database

Gluesync source connector for Oracle database comes in 2 different flavors, respectively:

The first one, Xstream APIs, offers support for CDC based on transaction logs similar to what Oracle’s GoldenGate adopts, compatible with Oracle databases starting from The latter instead is based on an auditing structure based on a combination of triggers and an atomical sequence to keep track of row-level changes occurring inside the audited tables.

They both share basic principles of Gluesync, like the STATE_PRESERVATION table as well as the MIGRATION_CHECKPOINT one. The main difference resides instead in how changes are recorded from inside the source database:

  • Oracle Xstream sees changes recorded and managed by the Oracle transaction logs APIs that you are required to learn and understand to manage the CDC in the long run;

  • Oracle GDC tracks record changes using the above-mentioned triggers that are storing minimal information (like the unique row identifier belonging to the row that got changed as well as the CRUD action) inside Gluesync’s GLUESYNC_ACTION_LOG table.

CDC via Oracle Xstream APIs

To have Gluesync working on your Oracle instance you will need to have:

  • Either a multi-tenant or single-tenant infrastructure consisting of container and pluggable databases;

  • A user who has Xstream admin permissions;

  • A user who is Xstream’s connect user and who has read and write access rights to tables that Gluesync should listen to.

If your Oracle database has not yet been prepared for tracking transaction logs using the Xstream APIs there are a few steps to be followed to prepare your database before launching Gluesync.

We wrote an entire chapter dedicated to the needed steps that should be accomplished to enable Xstream in the source Oracle database, you can find the documentation here:

  • for single-tenant database setups: this link;

  • for multi-tenant database setups: this link.

Oracle GoldedGate License

Xstream APIs are licensed under the Oracle GoldedGate middleware license. If you don’t own a license for the Oracle GoldenGate Middleware, Gluesync source connector for Oracle Xstream comes with an embedded license for Oracle GoldenGate Middleware. This embedded license is usually activated at the declared start date of your production usage of Gluesync source connector for Oracle Xstream. For any additional information please refer to your account manager in MOLO17.

Auditing via triggers (also referred to as GDC)

Details covering the needed configurations that have to be carried on for enabling GDC on your source Oracle database are documented here in this chapter: Setup GDC on Oracle database.