Installation steps

Gluesync NoSQL to NoSQL for RavenDB


In order to have Gluesync working on your RavenDB instance you will need to have:

  • valid client side certificate (if required by the server) in order to establish a secure connection to the target database;

    • certificate password.

Basic configuration example

This module can be customized by using a configuration file, in JSON format. The file name to use must be specified as parameter when launching the app, with the -f or --file tokens. The file should be composed by union of common configuration file (see here Installation steps) and source/destination specific configuration:

  "ravenDB": {
    "certificatesPath": "/path/to/certs/dir/cert.crt",
    "certificatesPassword": "change_me",
    "timeoutSeconds": 60

RavenDB specific configurations are listed under the ravenDB property:

  • certificatesPath (optional): the path to the certificate that need to be used when connecting to a RavenDB instance using a secure connection (TLS). If omitted, no certificate is used;

  • certificatesPassword (optional): if a certificate path is specified, then this value is passed as a keystore password;

  • timeoutSeconds (optional): number of seconds to set as timeout for operations involving communication with RavenDB. Default value is 60 seconds.

RavenDB collections

RavenDB uses collections in order to logically map documents belonging to a specific "group". By default Gluesync makes use of RavenDB’s collections setting same 1:1 value as the source originating table / collection.