Gluesync: real-time data replication for RDBMS, NoSQL & data lakes

Gluesync is a software product for real-time event-based data replication from RDBMS & NoSQL databases as well as Event Streaming Platforms and Data lakes and viceversa, meaning that it is capable of providing you with bi-directional sync capabilities.

This means that you will be able to replicate data to and from relational, non-relational and between non-relational databases in real-time using native technologies officially supported and maintained by each database vendor, deployable in any cloud, virtual or containeraized environment and on-prem deployments, even on bare-metal servers.

Suppport for relational-to-relational database replication is set to become available with our upcoming major release.

In this documentation you can find the installation and configuration steps necessary to setup Gluesync into your infrastructure and connect a RDBMS instance with a NoSQL database and viceversa, or a establish a replication between NoSQL and NoSQL databases.

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