Bridge the gap between your RDBMS stored procedures and modern web-oriented programming

Let's make stored procedures great again

Cargoserver enables you to publish your RDBMS stored procedures to a secure web endpoint, TLS encrypted and API-key protected

Cargoserver is a stateless containerized middleware that can be deployed everywhere. With a simple yet immediate configuration you can securely expose to the web your RDMBS stored procedures by publishing custom endpoints that it will remap to your desired REST API paths providing a fully JSON-compliant document as a callback output

Enforced security mechanisms are built-in starting with TLS encrypted client-server communication and the ability to negotiate an API-key in order to trust only clients that are matching it

"From when Cargoserver was first released we have helped our own web developers to connect over hundreds of existing RDBMS's stored procedures with literally NO code refactoring. That has streamlined the whole development process and made both customers and DBAs happy. We're now making that technology available to every developer"
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Daniele Angeli
Founder & CEO, MOLO17

RESTful APIs for any major RDBMS

Give your RDBMS superpowers by securely exposing its stored procedures as web services

Stored procedures are a piece of your know-how you’d like to preserve over time, this status quo is usually in contrast when it comes to integrate modern web applications that speak different languages and those developers likely do not want to integrate a JDBC / ODBC connection towards a relational database. They want to talk API

GET & POST HTTP requests made easy

Call a stored procedure by issuing the proper action

You can conveniently retrieve data from stored procedures by making HTTP GET requests and its output can be retrieved either as a RAW string or a JSON array. On the other hand you can call by issuing a POST that upon execution, it triggers the stored procedure to perform its duties within the database. The results, if any, are returned in the response. Isn’t that easy?

Gluesync performances
Bi-directional sync

JSON native APIs

Embrace the standard in web services communication

Some databases are proving you already with some sort of built-in  tools that let you expose stored procedures for remote access. Unfortunately those tools are just encapsulating the stored procedure raw output inside an XML or (even worst) a malformed JSON payload making developers spend much more efforts on integrating the two worlds. With MOLO17’s Cargoserver you cut down developer hours and avoid having to recompile crucial stored procedures

Connect the web world with any major RDBMS

An ever-increasing number of relational databases are receiving support from Cargoserver to make integrating stored procedures a matter of the past. The list of already supported databases includes: IBM Db2 (AS/400, soon LUW), Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle

Cargoserver key features

Deploys fast

Quickly configure and deploy Cargoserver as a lightweight, standalone, executable container

Runs everywhere

From any cloud environment, Cargoserver connects to on-prem and cloud databases

High performance

Battle tested for thousands of simultaneous connections and limits are configurable by end-user


Scale by increasing the amount of resources per node or by provisioning additional containers spreading stored procedures workloads


Enables two-way data flow between your web backends and RDBMS's stored procedures: read and/or write data to the database

Stateless middleware architecture

Facilitates deployment, lifecycle management, backups and integration with every kind of infrastructure whether on-prem or in the cloud

Secure data transmission

Enforce RDBMS security by verifying client access via API key handshake & TLS encryption


Configurable timeouts, adaptable client-connection limits and max requests size make stored procedures always available

Start consuming your stored procedures from Web Backends, today

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